Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the TASPro Company network – your gateway to hassle-free services. We invite you to dive into the world of convenience, but before you do, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions. By accessing our website, mobile or tablet applications, or any of our platforms (collectively referred to as "Our Website"), you signify your agreement with these terms and conditions ("Terms").

Your journey through our services is contingent upon your acceptance and adherence to these Terms. These Terms apply to all individuals who explore, use, or interact with our service. If any part of these terms doesn't align with your views, we kindly request you not to access our service.

Creating an Account:

  • • When you embark on your journey with us, it's essential to provide accurate, complete, and current information while creating your account. This ensures a seamless experience for all. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of our Terms, which may result in the termination of your account on our Service.
  • • Your account password is your key to our world. Guard it carefully and remember that you are responsible for all actions under your password, whether on our platform or a third-party service.
  • • We kindly request that you don't share your password with third parties, and in the event of a breach or unauthorized use of your account, please notify us immediately.

Exploring Beyond TASPro Company:

  • • While on your journey with us, you may encounter links to third-party websites or services not under the control of TASPro Company. We take no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of these external entities.
  • • We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any third-party websites or services you visit.

Ending Your Journey:

  • • Our path together may take different turns. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend access to our Service without prior notice or liability, should the need arise. This includes cases where there is a breach of our Terms.
  • • Provisions that, by their nature, should endure beyond your journey will continue to hold sway even after the end. This includes ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity, and limitations of liability.
  • • If you decide to end your journey with us, simply discontinue using the Service.

A Legal Landscape:

  • • Our journey is set against the backdrop of Chhattisgarh, India's legal terrain. Any disputes or legal matters will be governed by the laws of this region.
  • • These Terms represent the entirety of our agreement regarding our Service and supersedes any prior agreements we may have had.

Exploring the Provisions:

  • • To ensure a smooth journey, we ask customers not to make payments directly to service providers without informing TASPro Company. We do not have control over cash payments made to service providers.
  • • While we discourage tipping service providers, we understand that it's a personal choice.
  • • In the event of damage during a service, please reach out to us to file a complaint against the service provider.
  • • Communication is key. If you experience any misconduct or misbehavior, we encourage you to inform us for resolution.
  • • In case of criminal acts during a service, customers can take legal action under the country's laws.
  • • We recommend verifying the ID card of the service provider before allowing them into your home.
  • • While TASPro Company encourages feedback, we cannot be held responsible for the actions of service providers.
  • • TASPro Company will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of our service, including direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.
  • • Warranty/guarantee on spare parts is as described on the materials' bill, so please request a material bill from our Service providers when they procure materials for you.
  • • We strongly discourage direct contact with our service providers for jobs booked through us, as we have no control in such situations. All warranties and service assurances from TASPro Company are void in such cases.
  • • TASPro Company will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of our service, including direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.
  • • Once our service provider arrives at your doorstep, you are expected to pay visiting charges in case the job cannot be completed due to non-availability of products or extremely damaged items that cannot be repaired. This is because the time and effort invested by our team are non-refundable.
  • • It is understood that payment for completed jobs must be made immediately either by cash or online payment.
  • • In the event of non-payment, a 5% monthly charge will be levied. Failure to make the payment may result in the retrieval of an appliance of equal value from the customer. The appliance will only be returned once the full amount, along with the specified interest, is paid to TASPro Company.
  • • Once you grant permission for the service provider to leave by accepting the bill or providing the OTP, it signifies your acknowledgment that the work has been completed to your satisfaction, and that you have diligently evaluated the work's quality. Subsequently, you are not entitled to raise quality-related concerns at the time of payment.

Adapting to Changes:

  • • We reserve the right to modify or replace these Terms at our discretion. We will make an effort to provide at least 60 days' notice in the case of revisions.
  • • By continuing to use our Service after these revisions take effect, you agree to be bound by the new terms. If you disagree with the new terms, kindly discontinue your journey with us.

Eligibility to Use:

  • • Our Services are not available to minors under the age of eighteen (18) or to Users who have been suspended or removed from the TASPro Company system for any reason. If you fall under these categories, you will not be able to avail of our Services.
  • • We also reserve the right to refuse access to our Services or terminate access for existing Users at any time without providing reasons.
  • • For a seamless experience, please avoid direct contact with service providers regarding orders booked through TASPro Company. All warranties offered by TASPro Company will be void in such cases.
  • • In the event of major disputes between customers and service providers, the decision of TASPro Company's supervisor will be final regarding the scope of rework.
  • • The total rework value will not exceed the service charges paid by the customer, with TASPro Company's discretion being final on the rework amount.

Account Security:

  • • Your account is your portal to our world. Ensuring the confidentiality and security of your Account Information is paramount. You bear responsibility for all activities occurring under your account.
  • • If you suspect unauthorized use or a breach of your security, notify us immediately.
  • • Please make certain that your Account Information remains accurate and correct. Using another user's Account Information to access our Services is prohibited.
  • • If you provide untrue or inaccurate information, TASPro Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Account.

Use of Content:

  • • TASPro Company grants you a non-exclusive, revocable, and non-transferable right to view, download, and print product catalogues available on the Website, subject to certain conditions:
  • • Product catalogues can be accessed and used for personal, informational, and internal purposes, following these Terms of Use.
  • • Modifying or altering product catalogues available on the Website is not allowed.
  • • Distributing, selling, renting, leasing, licensing, or making the product catalogues available to others is prohibited.
  • • Removing any text, copyright, or proprietary notices from the product catalogues is not allowed.
  • • We hope you have a fantastic journey with TASPro Company, and these Terms and Conditions will guide you through your seamless experience with us.

At TASPro Company, we strive to provide the best services to our valued customers. We understand that there may be instances where you need to cancel a service or request a refund. This Cancellation & Refund Policy outlines our procedures and guidelines in such cases.

Cancellation Policy:

  • • Cancellation by Customers:
  • o You can cancel a service booking by contacting our customer support team at [email protected] or our official contact number i.e. 7447000045
  • o Cancellations must be made a minimum of 3 hours before the scheduled service appointment to qualify for a refund.
  • o For last-minute cancellations, please contact our customer support team to discuss the applicable terms and conditions.
  • • Cancellation by TASPro Company:
  • o We reserve the right to cancel a service appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, such as emergencies, unavailability of technicians, or other exceptional situations.
  • o In the event of a cancellation by TASPro Company, you will be provided with alternative service options or a full refund of the service fee.

Refund Policy:

  • • Refund Eligibility:

    Refund requests will be evaluated under the following circumstances:

  • o Service cancellation by TASPro Company due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • o Overpayment due to technical issues or errors in billing.
  • o Unsatisfactory service quality or non-performance of the service.
  • o Refunds are issued in accordance with our Cancellation Policy.
  • • Refund Process:
  • o To request a refund, please contact our customer support team within 3 days of the service date, providing the reason for your refund request.
  • o We will review the request and, if eligible, initiate the refund process. Refunds will be processed using the original payment method, and it may take 10 business days for the refund to be reflected in your account.
  • • Non-Refundable Services:
  • Certain services may be non-refundable such as cleaning etc. Any such exceptions will be clearly communicated to you before the service is performed.
  • • Refund Amount:
  • The refund amount is typically the service fee paid, minus any applicable fees or deductions as specified in the Cancellation Policy.
  • • Refund Disputes:
  • If you have concerns or disputes regarding the refund amount or processing time, please contact our customer support team to address the issue promptly.

Additional Information:

  • • Change of Appointment:
  • If you need to reschedule a service appointment, please contact our customer support team at least 3 hours before the originally scheduled appointment. We'll do our utmost to fulfill your request, taking availability into careful consideration.
  • • Customer Support:
  • For cancellation requests, refund inquiries, or any other assistance, please reach out to our customer support team at Email:-info@ tascompany.in, Contact Number 07447000045
  • • Changes to the Policy:
  • We may update this Cancellation & Refund Policy to reflect changes in our services or legal requirements. All updates will be shared on our website, and the responsibility for reviewing this policy periodically lies with you.

The Rework Policy applies to service issues related to workmanship for services provided by TASPro Company. Please note that it does not cover problems related to spare parts or materials used in the service. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, and this Rework Policy reflects our commitment to resolving workmanship-related service issues efficiently and fairly.

  • • Scope of Rework:
  • o Rework is only applicable to issues directly related to workmanship.
  • o Any problems arising from spare parts or materials used are not covered under the Rework Policy.
  • • Warranty Period:
  • o Any functional issue reported within the warranty period, following the completion of work, will be inspected by the service provider.
  • o If a workmanship issue is identified, rework will be provided without any additional cost.
  • • Post-Warranty Service:
  • o Issues reported after the warranty period has expired must be booked as a fresh order, and standard charges will be applicable.
  • • Extended Warranties:
  • o Ensure that any extended warranty agreements are provided in writing by the service provider, as TASPro Company will not be responsible for such extended warranties.
  • • Procurement of Spare Parts and Materials:
  • o Customers are advised to procure spare parts themselves.
  • o If the service provider procures materials or spare parts at the customer's request, please insist on a material bill.
  • o TASPro Company will not be responsible for issues, defects, or the quality of such materials.
  • • Scope of Work:
  • o If the service provider is asked to perform a job that is beyond their technical expertise or the agreed scope of work, no rework will be encouraged for that task.
  • • Communication with Service Providers:
  • o Customers are advised not to directly contact service providers regarding an order booked through TASPro Company.
  • o All warranties offered by TASPro Company will become null and void in such cases.
  • • Dispute Resolution:
  • o In the event of a major dispute or disagreement between the customer and the service provider, TASPro Company's supervisor will inspect the situation, and their decision will be final regarding the scope of rework.
  • • Rework Value Limit:
  • o Regardless of the circumstances, the overall rework value will not exceed the service charges paid by the customer.
  • o TASPro Company's discretion will be final in determining the rework amount.